Welcome to my blog. This is a blog which is full of books, words, and opinions. Plus some of my own works of fiction. I hope you find something worth reading here and please, let me know what you thought (We writers have such fragile shelf esteem!) 


Katie begun her career as a writer by plagiarising Aesop’s fables. She changed a few of the identities of the characters and proudly showed them off as her own. Nobody in her family ever cottoned on and praised her for her obvious intellect. Katie grew up feeling like a genius of modern literature.
She started writing her own work of fiction aged 13 and found creating her own fictional opus was even more fun than plagiarising. She still has not finished this work of fiction and it continues to irritate her nerves every day. She has written a few other fiction stories, but as she is lazy, and finds it is easier to turn a flash of inspiration into a poem. She considers poetry to be her forte.
She wrote her first poem aged 16. Even though, after analysing a poem for her hellish English GCSE, she vowed she would have nothing more to do with poetry.
She finds her inspiration while sitting in McDonald’s and listening to the music they play overhead. She can rarely, if ever, find a working pen to write for her and has to resort to using Word.
She likes to review the books she reads, laugh, listen to music, daydream, watch Cary Grant films, sniff 50 year old poetry tomes and blog.