Book Review: After you, in Love Arrest. Mario Gabriel Adame.

Author Mario Gabriel Adame’s after you, in love arrest is a collection of non traditional poetry that shows the pitfalls, insecurities, doubts and splendour of two people in pursuit of each other. With a shaky start, the book really begins with the poem uncanny (dreaming until our world is one) which is when the pace starts to pick up and I found myself really enjoying reading what this author has to say. In fact along with that poem, Without Touch, Without Touch Part 2 and I are a few of my personal favourites in this collection. This is a book you will need, and want, to read again because of the sheer delight of the phrasing and metaphors he uses. Sometimes these can weigh down the poem and are not needed. The language is beautiful and you will want to revel in it. The language also draws you into the world and emotions of this writer. What isnt always easy is writing something that everybody will care about because everybody’s take on love is individual and personal to them but I think this book does make us care. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I think this will become one of my favourites, on more readings of it.

A copy of this can be bought here.


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