Book review: From a Criminal Mind to the Mind of Christ. Melody Wolfe.


Melody Wolfe has written this book about her experiences of mental illness, addiction, and being incarcerated. This is also a book about her religion. She writes with a very compelling voice, that urges you to continue reading. The first chapter tells her story and the following chapters read like personal essays, covering the topics of suffering, self image, love, prostitution, addiction, power, forgiveness and unity, using quotations from the Bible. Melody describes her own story beautifully by writing ‘I know what it is like to have a mind focused and enthralled by crime’ and then writes ‘Jesus, who is Lord of all, set me free from many grievous sins and set my feet upon solid ground’ I think Melody’s story is encouraging and engaging from the opening sentences. I, personally, dont have a religion and for others thinking of reading this they may find the references to religion difficult to swallow, especially in the final two chapters, but I found that interesting, reading Melodys thoughts and her understanding, her faith. I feel like I understand more too.

A copy of this can be bought here.


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