Book Review: A Christmas Kerril. By Denise Jaden.

This is highly engaging and I would recommend this for a teenager or young adult.  I’m already enthused about the possibilities. There is a love triangle,  warring parents, a teacher that lives across the street and the only person I don’t like is Kerril, our leading lady. She seems dense and I already feel sorry for Adam. 
My overall impression on finishing this is I feel like it was handing me information.  Baking was important to Kerril but in the book it is only mentioned a few times and bears no real significance on it. The two boys,  Perry and Adam, felt used mechanically in the way she went after one boy,  ended that and then focused on the continued development with the other boy. Same issue with the parents and the overblown narrative and back story that really had no impact. Kerril hasn’t changed throughout this. There are obstacles,  they are moved on from and that’s that.  I like to feel like a character has actually changed after reading a book. And I feel for Kerril there was only one instance of that happening.  It is almost like this was a checklist of YA fiction clichés that were being ticked off one at a time. 
Despite that I like this, the style of writing, the pace, the sheer readability, the reworking of The Christmas Carol through her dreams, the relationship with Perry -I felt her lust and frustration and doubt and dilemma. Maybe it’s me but I like a complex love triangle and that,  for me, was the best part of this.  The interaction between Perry and Kerril,  is he an @sshole or a genuinely nice guy and is she going to do the right thing and stay clear of him?
The scene in the nursery with the children and Perry is a fantastic light relief part. I like that I didn’t know which boy she was going to end up with. I still don’t feel invested in Kerril by the end of this,  she seems just like a vehicle to navigate the chapters.  This has many ideas, not all fully explored, that there is more than enough loose threads and characters for a sequel.

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