Book Review: The Wish Thief. C.D.Verhoff.

This is the story of Glory and her family. Despite a confusing start, with silly names, hard to digest information and it unclear if our characters were playing a game or for real when talking of the Mesa and a sliver, the first chapter gives us everything we need to know and that is when the story begins. The story is very much your typical fantasy type and perfect for film. I like the Wybbils and their speech. They are the evil and the main source of comedy, it’s a balancing act that works well because the reader is never sure whether they can be trusted. The middle felt bloated with explanations and I skipped some of the pages. Thankfully a wonderful twist shows up and this enthralled me once again. The characters of Matthew, Olivia and Mandy being bought centre stage was inspiring but sadly not long lasting and I would have liked to have heard and seen more from them. The character of Clash is also a sparingly used one and I would have liked to have gotten to know him a little more. Although I am glad he wasn’t used just as a dumb sidekick to Glory. The ending of this book is great. I feel sorry for poor George! We all have wishes and this book shows the consequences of those, for better or worse, what if our wishes did come true? It is astonishing to see what happens when a mother is around to nurture and nourish her children, instead of an alcoholic father. The benefit of hindsight, indeed, is a powerful one. A brilliant book for those young and old, with a thrilling narrative.

Buy it here.


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