Book Review. Wild horses. Saurav Dutt.

This retracts a lot.  The story begins with his brother dying to his time in prison, to the present moment and to the first moment he stepped into the jail.  The writer handles these changes well.  There isn’t much in the way of description,  there are mixed metaphors and characters you can believe in, even the characters that make a brief appearance.  This starts quite episodic and then morphs into a story depicting family,  money,  violence, bikers, death and sex.  This is well paced throughout and the story told through our narrator,  Mikey,  with the odd expletive and slang makes it more personal.  He is a great character  and he does seem, in varying chapters, both a man and boy. The ending does feel very drawn out and at times there are parts cut off suddenly and we are introduced to another strand of the story,  I feel there is too much going on in this. Overall a gritty and appealing story.

Get a copy here.


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