Review: The Love Garden. David Blackburn.


The cover of the love garden is misleading.  That front cover may look pretty and that this book is going to be about all things cute and fluffy but I’ll have to tell you,  it isn’t.  This book has a psychopathic narrator and no moral compass whatsoever.  The subject matter is not a pretty one but don’t let that kid you this is going to have depth because it doesn’t. It is very staccato and in the beginning especially the dialogue is horrendous.  In fact, the first half of this book is reminiscent of a 50s Hollywood movie,  maybe a Cary Grant comedy. This is strange because I’m not sure this is supposed to be funny.  This is about abuse and murder,  not funny subjects and yet the jokes between our narrator and the poor bloke she is duping come thick and fast.
I do like how our narrator’s behaviour and demeanour is in accordance to how she was treated as a child and her whole character is based on those experiences.  This is, in part, erotica and is highly erotic.  I think writer,  David Blackburn, should concentrate on more erotica in his future work and less dialogue. 
The twist in this tale,  when it arrives,  is engaging and I wanted to know if our narrator would be bought to justice for her crimes. I even begun to feel empathy for her.  There is a female character,  the only other predominant female character in this,  and I think that her part in this is an interesting sub story of its own. 
A mixed bag but readable.

Buy it here.


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