Book Review: I am sleepless: Sim 299. Johan Twiss.

I am sleepless : sim 299 is a sci-fi YA novel and is perfect for that market. Because it is sci-fi there are unfamiliar terms for objects and abilities which the characters have. These can be difficult to get over as you try to comprehend them all but you soon pick it up. The beginning is smooth and goes straight into the action.  It feels like you have may have intruded into the lives of these people, a sign of a good book.  I do think a few of the characters names, such as Fig, are lazy ones. The way our author, Johan Twiss,  has the skill of showing and not telling,  the old writers adage, makes this enjoyable. I like the idea of printing food, of virtual reality, of the creatures that are similar to our own but clearly of another world and of a character that signs and does not speak. This book has a refreshing lack of clichés in it. What I do feel is there is also a lack of threat,  which means the story can be a little thin on the ground. The ideas are vibrant enough to cover this and I look forward to the second instalment, as this is a fantastic first novel. 

Buy it here.

Just: Read me a poem.


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