Book Review: Mighty like a Rose. Kitty Campanile.

Having been born in the mid 90s, I’m taken aback that our leading lady, Mary, of this book mighty like a rose is relying on her husband, Nigel, for housekeeping money. 
I like how I am drawn straight into feeling a part of this.  I feel empathy for Mary and that,  by the way that author, Kitty Campanile, writes this character, she is a very attractive young lady.  The small comedic touches are good and I like how immediately I can tell the era this book is set in and how the author has entwined details of this era into Mary’s life.
The pace to this book is slow and the story is told in the first five or six chapters, leaving the rest of the book to be a slow burning chronicle of the miners strike,  which in places left me feeling quite emotional.  I do think Mary came across as pathetic in parts of this. I know this is a novel about her life but it felt like a pity party on occasion and with this book telling the stories of other characters, some outweighed each other with their significance in the narrative.  I also am not sure about the she leaves one man, who is effectively a douchebag,  and takes up with another man,  who is effectively a kind, generous and sweet angel. It’s a fairy-tale. Couldn’t the angel have had at least one flaw?
This is an excellent novel, of historical importance, about the unity and spirit of a community. If there is a second book to mighty like a rose I’m not complaining.

Buy your copy here.


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