Book Review: My Father’s Son (A Memoir) John Davis.

I cannot imagine how strange it must feel to sit down and start to pen your memoir, as John Davis does in this book My Father’s Son. Especially with the subjects of this book being grief, loss, abuse, drugs, crime, family and identity. It is not a book that goes deeply into the history of his family, in fact he admits there are details he cannot tell us because he has no information or recollection of them. This is unlike the majority of memoirs where their subject seems to remember everything.
John does a stellar job of turning his childhood into a story that a reader is able to, for want of a better word, enjoy. There are poignant moments and terrifying moments, where you question the minds of the adults that were meant to be taking care of their children and not abusing them. The first half of this book is truly gut wrenching and to have the second half so uplifting has quite a powerful effect.
This is a wonderful book and I thank the author for publishing and sharing with us his story.

Buy it here.


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