Book Review: The Confluence. Puja Guha.

This begins with the adoption of a boy. Which then takes us back to the relationship of the adoptive parents and respective families. This is a story told by the adoptive mother in a letter to her son. We are then introduced to another story which is when my head began to spin as I tried to remember everything! I think the writer, Puja Guha, tries to create suspense and a cliff hanger, which is much like a promise, to keep us reading on for the consequences but then this is never fully realized and can be a let down. The writer has skill at creating these. Some of the characters need fleshing out more, the dialogue could do with work (as the repeated ‘yeah’s’ become quite grating) but despite this, the story is well told, it’s compelling and keeps you satisfied, reading on until the final page.

Buy here.


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