Book Review: Songs of the deliverer. Elvo Fortunato Bucci.

This is a book of the stories of the Bible,  which have been rewritten, and told to the reader in a way we are able to comprehend, by the writer Elvo Fortunato Bucci. The man Emmanuel is Christ, wearing jeans and healing the sick.
I think by far my favourite chapter was when Emmanuel and his friends were on a train journey and sharing their compartment was a pregnant lady and her boyfriend.  They start to talk and it emerges she is worried about money and how they will provide for the baby.  Emmanuel asks ‘Does worry provide?’
The tales are easier to get into than those in the Bible. This would make a great read for the sceptics.  There are nosy reporters, a musician, a deaf boy who saves his fellow friend’s from a gas leak at the school they stay in and treason,  government and rebellion. I’m actually surprised how much of this is about selfishness and greed and material things.  Emmanuel wades in and shows the people in these stories a different way of thinking. This has been engaging and food for thought.
It’s quite a story.

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