Happy New Year (I know I’m late)


I think I am in the minority of bloggers that haven’t written a Happy New Year post.
I like to wait a month.
It isn’t so much happy as just another year. We try to motivate ourselves with new starts but it doesn’t work because we’re sure there’s going to be another new something soon to give us a boost.
But I haven’t written this to be negative, let me assume you have tried, or are trying, in which case carry on because it is around now you will be seeing the results and I bet they are wondrous.
I didn’t start a year with resolutions, only a ‘yeah my year’ chant in my head. A buzz that lasted two days and then I realized ‘oh look, the year has changed but my life hasn’t. What a bummer’ A new year isn’t a magic wand, it is within you. I have decided to keep getting on with it. Head in the game and all things out of my control don’t get a peep in for more than eight hours at a time.
Every day is a new chance. Time might be slow in traffic, or alone at night, but life is quick.


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