Poem. Dusting the Mantelpiece. Katie Lewington.

Duvet – bed still without a sheet
glasses in the sink need rinsing
calls on the phone not answered
heels – party dresses gathering dust
because I’ve been so caught up in our love
and now it ceases to be any fun

I am dusting off those heels
filling up the glasses
and making up the bed afresh
because even if this love is dying – endangered
I hope to still have our friendship intact
in the end
because I couldn’t ever stop my heart beating that much faster
when I see your face
in the crowd
eyes searching
you find me – you’re smiling
I couldn’t regret the sex
kisses getting more intimate
you chancing it by sticking in your tongue

but it’s time

to step back
think of the friends we were
why we ever fell in love
so I’m rinsing a glass
slipping into my dress
going to go out tonight
and have a ball
smoking and drinking and dancing and shaking out my hair
glad to not be arguing with you

happy to be alive.


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