Book Review. Where Everything and Nothing Makes Sense. M.M.Walker.



Bring me back to summer

Bring me back to summer.

Sand grinding in-between my toes,

water dashing over my feet.

Sunshine glare shares the waves

of windy heat that grazes my body.

Seeing the hazy mirage

In the distance where

there’s always an ocean

but never a beach.

Even a burn on the skin

brings nary a frown or scoff,

but a smile towards the sun;

Such a friendly foe it is.

Swift dreams pass as

lofty clouds in a lofty day,

bearing peace as rays

painted across the sky.

I slowly shut my eyes,

soaking in the dream,

only to wake in the rain.


Where Everything and Nothing Makes Sense is a delicious collection of formal poems with a variety of subjects penned and they seem fresh off the page.
Forever is a poem that took my breath away at its well executed evocation of love.
There are different styles of poem and one, Anxiety Part IV, is prose that reads like a story between a battle but is actually a metaphor. Poem Agoraphobia also covers the subject of anxiety and I think possibly evokes more fear into me than the first, as well depicted as it is. What a Dream is a fantastic poem that uses a train metaphor for intrusive thoughts and is so stark, you have  to admire the writer and want to shake his hand.
I feel that this did exhaust itself by the end, or at least it exhausted me! I think it is going to be a required taste and is not to be read in a single sitting. Definitely a book to add to your bookshelf. M.M Walker has potential.
Overall a fine collection of poetry, with utter readability and something you’re going to want to read over.

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