I haven’t a full length mirror in my room, there is
one in the bathroom
I notice my reflection
as I brush my teeth and splash cold water on my face
I know I’m fucking gorgeous
but I feel fat
my eyes are blurry
I’m short sighted, I guess
perhaps from a distance I can only see me warped
and I’m aware my chin is large, nose too
teeth crooked,  hair a throw back
body shape – curvy 
and yet I’ve read enough into cosmetic surgery
from all perspectives
to be aware
on the outside I can be the version of beauty numerous magazines have manipulated
yet inside I will still loathe me
so what is the use
if the plastic can only shield me
and make me liked by other people
what I need to remember is
I’m fucking gorgeous and
on this occasion I am wrong
why make an enemy of the only carriage that is going to carry my lazy ungrateful arse around

screw the people,  mirror
screens and
social media

I am a unique individual and there is nothing wrong with me. 

K.L 2016  (C)



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