Book Review. Canvas Of Imagination/Space To Dream. Stacie Eirich.

Canvas of Imagination is a collection of poems by Stacie Eirich, which can be downloaded for free at
These are poems that were written by Stacie as a teenager and are quaint. There are poems of unicorns and angels, as well as love and the faces that people wear.
I think these lines are ‘Daily trips to the moon
and talking animals
would be common
AIDS would be cured
there would be no sickness
and no one would commit crimes
if I were in charge of the world
sweet in the poem If I were in charge of the world.
I notice that Stacie is a descriptive poet and the poem Visions is excellent and I think by far my favourite of the collection. 


Space to Dream is a lengthier collection of poems by Stacie Eirich and are, for the most part, enjoyable. These are poems of nature, being by the beach and then there those which are erotic and caused my ears to blush. I like that in Journey of a Reader: In Thanks to all Writers Stacie is appreciative of other writers. She is certainly aware of what is around her and an observational writer. There are also prose poems and poem Charmer held me in suspense until its end.
These are fantastic poems. Simple, picturesque and full of life too, with much diversity in between the subjects she writes about. My one criticism would be that the poems are divided into chapters and so the, particularly the poems of nature, are similar in what they say and perhaps they could have been spaced out but that is a personal preference I think. Space to dream can be purchased from Amazon, in an ebook or paperback edition. 


Indian Summer

She reaches out to him across
the frozen expanse, her tiny thin
icy fingers meeting his
enfolding her in a grasp of safety
her heart wrapped in his gaze
like pink cellophane
melting like a milk-chocolate candy.

He pulls her toward him, her
strawberry-gold hair
falling in rivulets onto his
awaiting chest
she feels his breath collide
with her own, skin meeting skin
in the frostbitten night.

The silvery snowed moon holds them tight
in her keep, the blustery December winds
beating against them.
Her cracked, cherry lips moisten
against his, parting delicately
as tongues slip to and fro
dancing against each other.

A myriad of colors, red orange yellow hues
bursting like newborn stars
shower the crisp winter sky above them
enfolding them in the slumber
of an unexpected season of warmth
formed from their passion
as they kiss in the snow.



About the Author


Stacie Eirich is a dreamer who loves literature, music, theater, travel, and her two children. She has self-published two collections of poetry, Space to Dream: Poems and Canvas of Imagination: Poems. Read more of her poems, prose & book reviews She lives north of New Orleans, La – mothering, dreaming, and writing.

Connect with Stacie @:


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