Short Story. Photo. Katie Lewington.

It was their second year together as a couple and that meant it was their second holiday in Wales, which took place in the summer and not only was it the two of them, but her boyfriend’s two brothers came too. They had a routine of sleeping until lunchtime then exploring through streets, up steep hills blotted with grass and chipped stone walls.
‘July!’ Jake, one of the brothers, called and she turned, with the sleeves of her cardigan swaying like that of a magician’s robe.
The sun in her eyes, she put up a hand to them, her mouth squinting and she then heard the click of a camera shutter.
‘OK, that’s cool’ Jake said, as the photo slid from the camera. She marched up to him, touched his bare elbow. ‘It’s terrible! tear it up’
Jake pretended to consider.
‘Nah’ he then decided, waving the photo in the air.
‘Please’ she pressed her palms together.
‘No. I think you look alright’
‘You wouldn’t under-‘
The photo was whipped from his hand and shot away from them. There was now two of July in Wales.
She was still grumbling about it when they stomped across the boggy land as a shortcut to the caravan she shared with her boyfriend, William. Jake had his own house wedged up on one of the hills that you could see from a safe distance away.
William was sleeping, his polo jumper rucked up on his bronzed chest and fingers dipped in the Chow Mein. They passed underneath the line of her underwear that hung between the kitchen and living room.
‘Lets go play football’ Jake suggested. ‘Then we can go to the pier tonight. Chris will have the ball’
Chris was the third brother.
She shut the bathroom door in his face.
‘Suit yourself’ he yelled, giving the door a thump with his foot. Then he grinned and rushed outside to the side of the caravan, where the window of the bathroom, which was open to let loose any lurking bad smells, was already being banged closed. He put up his hands, placing them on the ridged side of the caravan and begun to shake.
‘Fuck off’ he heard her yell from inside.
‘You fucking love it’ he said.
William was at his side, zipping his trousers. ‘What are you doing?’
‘Nothing. Waking you, you lazy bastard. Lets play footie’
July was glad that Jake had gone. She could have five minutes to herself to do the pregnancy test.
If she was pregnant, which of the brothers was the dad?


K.L 2016  (C)


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