Book Review. Sensual Rhapsody. David Russell.


On first reading these poems you are quite dazzled by the flow of the words and how they run together well. With words used such as girdle and loins they do seem also quite old fashioned.  One observation is these seem to be focused on muscular people, or those that swim a lot. On further reading, yes, these can be described as ridiculous poems and not so much erotic, more as inspiration in opening up new world’s and thoughts in a person’s mind. The pictures are a good accompaniment. 
Personally I adore this, albeit brief, collection. I don’t think it is going to be everybody’s cup of tea but try it and see!


I’ll justify your love

You overwhelmed my every fear

Oh yes: I’ll love you through the sheets of rain
Take you ripping, your luminous body
rippling from your drenched magnetic silk.

I’ll take your dress to the air,
the rapture of a parachute.

I’ll love you from a plane,
love you in free fall,

unlace that gleaming shell –
corset of lightning;
Roll with the turbine
fused in orgasm.

My fear was for the fall
My fear was in the fall.

My fear has gone, immersed.

My dream is in the fall,
My dream beyond the fall;
My hopes aloft,

Plunging with you

No top, not bottom,

No end and no beginning;

I’ll justify your love.

Purchase a copy for Kindle here.
Find more from David Russell here. 


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