Poem. Concept: You love me like I love you. Inkstainedgalaxies.


I wake up to soft afternoon sunlight raining down on my face and I smile, I know that when I open my eyes I’ll see your face, the slight smile resting on your rough lips is the most peaceful I’ve felt in months, when you open your eyes I remember how we drowned in each other last night. You don’t move and neither do I, we lay there for what seems like the whole day just looking into each other’s eyes. Our limbs are entangled and our fingers intertwined. Outside, the waves hit the beach, making a thundering noise but we are deaf to it. We are numb to everything, except each other.

We are free

You make me breakfast and we have it together, sitting cross legged on the roof. You put on my favourite music and dance crazy with me. I pick you up and twirl you around, and the laugh coming out of your mouth is the most melodious sound these ears can ever hope to hear. We chase each other around, we wrestle, we cuddle, we pillow fight. Nights are the best, we pull out blankets and lie down, staring at the moon and remembering constellations and making a few of our own in the space between our bodies because every inch of my skin, which is touching yours, is on fire. We are stars, we are constellations, we are a galaxy.

We are happy

We debate over political issues and talk about the true meaning of feminism. I need you and you need me, yet everyday we make each other realize that we are too independent and competitive, women who know how to adapt to a constantly changing world. Everyday I tell you you rock, and you say, you’re not bad at kicking ass yourself.

We are strong

We are proud hipsters and grunge and aesthetic lovers, so I never say I love you, I say I’m in love with you and you never say that you love me, you say I’m in love with you and nothing has ever made me happier, and nothing will.

And we are in love


‘We’ are real.

Taken by permission from the author Inkstainedgalaxies.
Read more on her Tumblr.


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