Book Review. Beautiful Girl/Beautiful Boy. J.L.Hunt.


Beautiful boy and beautiful girl by J.L.Hunt are two books aimed towards children. These are poetry and are lovely to both the eyes and ears. The two books deal with the same themes of confidence and self belief. The two are basically the same book but each one tailored to its gender.
Beautiful boy and Beautiful girl are short reads and I think children will be delighted with these. I found they lifted my mood when I needed them to.  My one issue with these would be the illustrations, as there is nothing wrong with the actual writing. I feel with proper artwork, opposed to the current standard pictures taken from the Internet,  these could be of a higher quality.


The writing is sublime and I feel that these are charming. I would recommend that you purchase these for any children you may know!

Beautiful Boy can be purchased here.
Beautiful Girl can be purchased here.  In both paperback and Kindle editions.


Author: Idontwearahat.

Katie is a published poet, reader and reviewer.

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