Poem. A Nightmare. Loathinglothario.

I had a dream about you too but it was more of a nightmare.
Could you imagine that? a house, you, me and having to stay a night there?
Now I don’t believe in ghosts and demons but people can do ghastly things and boast of no reasons.
That’s the type of shit that I think scary, not mystical things – spirits, orbs and death fairies.
I believe in life and the way that it wants to hurt you – murder, rape and leaving people right in the dirt too.
I want you to know that you made my fears come true, I expected you to leave me and you sure flew.
I always wanted what I thought was best for you but it seems like our love just wasn’t a strong enough glue.
Couldn’t keep together what was already pieced sloppily –
Commonly, awfully bodily, you could hear our pain audibly.
Honestly, consciously, making a mockery of modesty and honesty constantly. I guess our relationship was just a novelty.
You’ve found a new nest and, boy, what a winner. I’m sure you clean, study, fuck and make dinner.
And every night you sleep so sound, ignoring the fact that you’re captured and bound.
Not a single real soul will ever have you found, dug both our graves and left yourself six foot in the ground.
But I’ve crawled out and I’m back to life, free from your clutches and emotional strife.
There’s nothing I can do but leave you right there, in the hell you made, now its your nightmare.

Taken by permission from the author loathinglothario .
Read more of their work at Tumblr


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