Short Story.Mushrooms. Katie Lewington.

The lights illuminate the tunnel that confronts me as I step from the bus, of which the door flips shut and I am alone, to walk this corridor and as I do my thoughts turn to food.
We hit turbulence, my heart jumps to my throat and I instinctively reach for a handle to ride it out on but I have picked up a cable instead and it shocks the palm of my hand with its insatiable energy.
‘I do bloody hate you’ I address, not only the cable, but this whole stinking situation.
I raise my hand to swipe the door pad and I hear Lucas before I see him.
‘Uh, what is this?’
I spin around, walking backwards into the room. Lucas stands in the frame of the door. He is pointing to the heart shaped tattoos dotting my knuckles.
‘It’s nothing ’ I use my non accused hand to pick the chunks of chicken from his stir fry, leaning over the stove, digging my fingers into the soy sauce and sifting through the vegetables.
‘Well, to me it doesn’t appear to be nothing’ He strides towards me, lightening speed and I can’t avoid it. He picks up my hand, his fingers to my pulse and I snatch it from him.
‘Where have you been. It has been two days. You have this tattoo and a bruise-‘
Bruise? Oh the shut eye.
‘Forget it’ I snap. Two years of sharing with Lucas my secrets, dreams and hopes now dropping away and leaving me with the truth. I had gone to be with my dad and Lucas couldn’t approve. I had felt, busing the way here, my freedom slipping and so I had had the tattoo inked onto my hand.
I feel the thump of objects on my sleeve and my eyes fly up. Lucas is picking up mushrooms, mud still clung to them. Mud which sticks to my chest and shoulders as he pelts me with them.
I turn away, take my knitting to the bed, crumple up, knees to chest and head to knees.
He has scattered the mushrooms, is selecting the saucepan that they resided in and, with my ears ringing, he smacks it on the door frame fracturing the metal handle and twisting his wrist.
‘I’ve had enough’ he shouts.
‘Tough’ I say. ‘We’re on this flight until we reach the planet we’re assigned to’

K.L 2016 (C)



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