Poem. Katie Lewington.

no, this is for a living
this is an appreciated form of writing
call it poetry and it
will have people saying no, no I don’t read poetry
but in a different guise it’s a meme, a share
and soul comforting like a hand held

college kids, I’m writing
published in a few zines

you’ll give it up, you don’t know your limits,  you only think you do and one day, going through the archives
laughing with your children
oh yeah mummy used to write poetry, experimenting as if it may be your sexuality, drugs, drink

ever tried to sniff or drink a poem?

poetry because that’s quaint and cute
I was writing about my feelings, ain’t that something
look, this is a poem about your dad
oh no, don’t look that’s rude
ha, I forgot I wrote that

and not a long term solution for paying the mortgage, filling the car with petrol,  bills,  clothes,
the cost of living

I’ll eat my rejection slips and sew them into clothes or else join a nudist camp
this is for a living
I didn’t fuck up my life, become a drop out, discover Ginsberg and give poetry my all to be a hobby that might be spoken of in my eulogy.

K.L 2016  ©


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