Short Story. Extract. Katie Lewington.

I arrive home in the early hours of dawn. I cannot wait to get into the shower and let this all wash down the drain. Of course, I can’t wait to see my girl too. Yesterday I came home to find her locked in a yoga position and today who knows! But she never ceases to amuse me.
There is a strong scent in the air. I look into the bedroom. A candle on the bedside cabinet is slowly burning and I blow on its flame, killing it and using the street light from below I read the name on the label: wet grass.
Hhmm. I bring the candle to my nose and sniff, smells nothing like.  My girlfriend mumbles, in her sleep I think. I press my lips to her cheek and bring back the curtain a bit, observing her naked top half. Her breasts are clasped together as she sleeps on her side, wearing bottoms, my pyjama bottoms.
I got into the bathroom, softly run the shower head and rinse the pubes from the tub. I let the water temperature warm. I step under its water fall and brush myself with the soap, running my hands through my hair and wiggling a finger in my ear cavity for wax.
I take a breath and in a single movement, from switching off the water, shaking myself and dashing, throwing myself into bed, under the cover of the duvet and cuddling my girlfriend. I stroke her tummy and inhale her, kissing her shoulder, hair. I don’t find it too difficult to fall asleep. This is heaven right here.

(this is the rough draft of the novella I started to write a few months ago. I’ve lost all confidence for this now. To continue or to give it up?)

K.L © 2016


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