Book Review. Please don’t ask. Lyman Ditson.

Please don’t ask is a collection of poetry by Lyman Ditson which begins with a poem of the same name. It isn’t the best poem to begin with, I found it to be confusingly worded but poem a poets lament is humorous and something that is easy to engage with immediately. 
These seem to be simple poems, not at all complex and can be enchanting.  Subjects vary- dogs, carnivals, Noah, clouds and trees. It is quite refreshing to have a lack of love poems in a collection of poetry as well.
I think the title of the poems could have been perhaps more imaginative.  I am also concerned that Lyman Ditson does not put much of his own stamp on these poems. These could have been written by anybody. Of the writer I think maybe I can glean that Lyman Ditson is an outdoors person. It is only until later on in please don’t ask that a more vibrant personality shines through.
Of note prior to eternity
‘remember when we all could see,

prior to eternity,

we laid in glades on silky dew,

peeked thru branches, jigsaws of blue,

touched close the heart beat of a tree’

is a poem that gives us that beautiful phrase, and I think it is a lovely poem. 
Frog heaven is again humorous and tells us the story of a prince, who was bewitched into a frog and he had to wait the princess’s kiss. Trying to feel is the story of a mother on her phone,  while her baby cries beside her. Dark factories I can understand as there are many factories near where I live and, unfortunately, like in the poem are worked by robots,  rather than human beings. Yay!  is a poem about climate change,  short but makes its mark.
With more editing I think that please don’t ask could have been a spectacular collection but as it is a fine collection, with not much to help it stand out from the crowd. I would recommend this for anybody who enjoys poetry and you can form your own thoughts.

A copy can be purchased here.


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