Short Story. Extract: part 2. Katie Lewington.

Unlike my girlfriend I am a light sleeper and she wakes me. She pads into the bathroom and uses the toilet. I hear her walk to the letter flap and pull out the post. I hear the slap of the letters as she chucks them onto the mat. I drift off.
‘Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead’ She nuzzles her face into mine, her lips searching for my own and I pull her to me. She squeals and says I’ve bought you breakfast.
‘Mm, you’ I guess.
‘No’ she giggles, draping her arms around me. ‘Food breakfast’
‘Ah, thank you’
She feeds me the buttered toast. Its thick crusts brush crumbs onto my lips and the egg yolk that drips down her fingers. ‘Mm’ she murmurs, sucking it off.
There is a knock on the door.
‘What the fuck’ I say, purely because nobody ever knocks on our door. She puts on a, again mine, dressing gown and answers the door. I burrow deeper, smoothing my hands down my abs and thighs with my slick buttery fingers.
Returning, I ask her but she is already saying ‘somebody from social services. Your sister’s son, well, daughter’
‘Which is it?’
‘He is transsexual’
‘She is unable to care for him. They need to find somebody to care for him’
‘What has my sister done now?’
‘Shoplifting again probably, I don’t know’
‘What did you say?’
‘No thanks’
‘You didn’t’
‘Well, yeah. You don’t want children’
‘I might’
‘We can’t take care of a child’
‘How difficult can it be. You were looking for a new job’
‘Fuck off’
‘Family is family’
‘You won’t even let me have a dog’
‘Yeah, well, that’s personal preference’
‘We aren’t able to have a child’
‘It was a thought. Where is he going to go otherwise?’
‘Is that our problem. You couldn’t give a toss about him ordinarily’
‘I held him the minute after he was born. That is a connection that doesn’t leave’
‘Yeah right’
‘When you’re a mum you’ll understand, you will’
‘Don’t patronize me. What are we doing today?’
‘Social worker left a number, if you want to call’
‘I’m going to have to. My mum would kill me. She always said family problems stay within the family’
‘Don’t be moody’
‘I’m not’
‘Doubt they’ll let us keep him anyway’
‘With me being a stripper and you a whore’
‘Sorry, ex web cam model’

K.L © 2016


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