Book Review: Confessions of a Self-Loathing Narcissist: A Solipsistic Self-Portrait. Priscilla McGreer.

Confessions of a Self Loathing Narcissist is a collection of poetry that I found too short. I usually think that poetry collections are too long and need to be better edited but this collection by Priscilla McGreer I wanted more of.  It is a beautifully presented work, which gives the reader wonderful imagery and for me, as a fellow poet, inspiration too.
Despite there being some missteps with wording, perhaps going overboard with winding sentences into tangled circles, the effect of these poems is enlightening and I think lead the reader on a journey. I’m not sure how personal these are to the writer but they engaged me. The theme of the poems are dark, covering ‘I belong to a generation of scorpions hiding in sands that
were once a great city’ ‘I like the dark because I am in pain
and it closes around me like fresh armour on a wounded
soldier’ and ‘my mind wanders
and sometimes returns to me bloodied, beaten and
there are places, for instance, where the pen is a penis
and they are unkind to the feminine imagination’

Modern, yet still harks back to the poetry of old, and adds something new to the genre. I love this book, I think you may do too.

A copy can be purchased at Amazon, in Kindle or paperback format.
Find out more about the author on Goodreads. 



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