Book Review: Underneath my Soul. Yolanda De Iuliis.

Underneath my Soul is a short collection of poetry by Yolanda De Iuliis and I feel is best compared with a seesaw.  There are poems that are of sensitive topics and yet these are over balanced with the poems wrought with emotion over a broken heart.
Poems No more, Bruises Fade, and The Village Inn are about abuse and suicide. Whereas Nothing Else Mattered, Smoked me Away, and Fall from The Forest are poems I feel more personal to the author and are about heartbreak.
No thought could be a poem about anything that destroys us mentally and I think that particular poem is easily accessible. Bombs is a poem of our government and I like its refrain of ‘All the world is in draught as the government drinks our blood’
Overall I think Underneath my Soul is a good collection of poetry and, although not a light read, offers some hope and is an accompaniment to Yolanda De Iuliis’ Memoir of I.

A copy can be purchased from Amazon, direct from Lumphanan Press or through the Yolanda De Iuliis’ website.

I see me

You are a ghost of my imagination but a refection in my mirror, Making me smile, making me see there is more to me,
A connection driven, all from one passion,
A haunting overcast, unfolds above us,

When I think of you, I see me.

You are a ghost in my dreams but a refection of my nightmares, Making me blind, making me laugh,
A crashing river which will only hurt me,
A muddy ground, unwraps beneath us,

When I think of you, I see me.



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