Book Review: Heathen’s Guide to Morality. Catalina Morales.


Heathen’s guide to Morality is some parts erotic, other parts philosophical and even, in some parts, fairy tale.  This is a collection of stories, some of which feel completed and others that are complete. This also includes photos of an erotic nature and show some vulnerability too. Nicely shot.
This begins with a story that is erotic, well written, and then this wears off into stories of domestic abuse, rape, angels, god, and death. Earth’s future is a Sci Fi story and my favourite in the book. It is imaginative and frighteningly real.
Then there is a story titled The backyard from hell and this is an old fashioned type of story, about two children exploring and getting into trouble.

This is somehow not a depressing collection,  despite the subjects written of. I feel the style of Catalina Morales writing is light and sensual. It sounds odd and I wasn’t sure that it worked but on reading this for a second time I think it does. There is a good mix of topics written about and it covers a range of emotions as well that it takes the reader through. A lot of care and attention has been obviously put into crafting this and I think that makes all the difference.
The overall feeling that I get from this is hope and joy.  Highly recommended read.

Buy a paperback copy from Amazon.


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