2poems. Whatafkncunt.

You and your husband sleep in separate rooms

it’s a sticky mess

syrup on the kitchen floor

you and your husband sleep in separate rooms

but through the wall he hears you whispering to your ‘nobody. just a friend’

he’s nobody. just a friend.

just someone to hold hands with when you’re lonely

and have a secret of

someone to smile about when you’ve nothing to smile about

your husband is dying of jealousy. he shows his disdain by squeezing the toothpaste tubes from the top

he’s never been a confrontational man

you don’t understand the way he loves

and he doesn’t understand the way you beg for attention

you eat dinner quietly, across from each other

poor man

poor man had a talent for feeling everything at full capacity

when he was happy, he was exuberant.

when he was angry, he was furious.

when he was sad, he was dismal.

when he was tired, exhausted.

hungry, starving.

intrigued, infatuated

and when he was in love, he was all of these things in the most complete way.

More of their work can be read on tumblr.


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