Book Review : The Princess And The Clown.  Ian Thomas Malone. 

The Princess and The Clown is a parody of erotica, which I was looking forward to reading. I was quickly sucked into reading this book about a Clown and a Princess,  who meet at a children’s party they have both been employed to perform at. Of course, with a princess (a term frequently used in erotica novels) our clown narrator calls her it more than twice and sends up that particular cliché.  There are also foot rubs (or rubbing the bunions on her feet) and the mention of sexual diseases. The taboos of sex, even in the closest of relationships. You wouldn’t think it possible that sex could be that unsexy, could you? 
I like that the Princess is not your average woman, or at least a woman often written of. She is in her forties and has a muffin top and stretch marks, as well as being sassy. Similarly the Clown has not got a six pack and isn’t a millionaire.  
The conversation between the two characters is witty and there are some great one liners. Author Ian Thomas Malone is obviously a confident writer and has the capability to write humour, with what seems little effort at all. 
The genre of this novel has been turned on its head. 
My one complaint would be that this was too short and some of the characters sparingly used. 
If you are bored with the usual erotic literature then The Princess and the Clown will have your faith restored and will tickle you pink too. 

Paperback and ebook copies can be purchased from Amazon


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