2 poems.  Ash H. 

Melted Ice:
I used to put
ice in my alcohol,
and sip it very slow.
That’s when I would drink
just for show; to prove
I was grown up (I wasn’t),
to show I could handle it
(but I couldn’t.) I vaguely 
remember the condensation
rings the glasses of alcohol 
left on whatever surface I 
“lost my drink” on.
Now, as an adult, I just take a
few slugs of warm whiskey
from a bottle. Many people
say it isn’t lady-like but it gets
the job done.

A.H © 2016

Yellow Lights:
I didn’t like
the color yellow.
Until I realized
it was the color of 
the moon, stars, and 
streetlights at night.
Yellow is a pretty 
color on a
drunken night.

A.H © 2016

More of their work can be read at Tumblr.


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