Poem. Peak. Katie Lewington.

I bet you have real chunky nipples. I cannot make out the shape of them underneath the thick woollen company jumper you wear but –
I bet you have real chunky nipples.
Ones I could supress with my fingertips,  that I could put between my teeth and give my entire tongue to.
You have short blonde hair I imagine to have the texture of candy floss and I want to kiss your forehead, unzip your jumper and help you from it-
Pull your t-shirt over your head and kiss your lips while I use a palm to smooth against the flesh of your navel and hips. 
Then unhook your bra, let your breasts breathe. I want to lick your lips and slip my tongue into the entrance of your mouth.
I need you to relax and to lay back while I release you from the trousers you wear. Press myself between your thighs and lay on top of you as I kiss every inch of your dry skin.
Wet, I worship your breasts, lick them and rub my tongue up, climbing the mountain and reaching the peak of your nipple, using my fingers, teeth, tongue to
make you come. 

K.L 2016  ©



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