Guest Post. Sarah Marie Pardy. 

Hi guys! I wanted to put a spotlight on writer Sarah Marie Pardy, as she is attempting to raise money so she can continue with the great work she does. She also helps promote other writers, selflessly and I would like to help her. 

You can read more below: 
​My name is Sarah Marie Pardy and I’m a 25 year old not-so-single silly chick from Newfoundland, Canada. I’m quiet, anxious, and squeaky. I have never been to college and I don’t have a “real job,” but I like to think of the work that I do online as my job because my anxiety tends to limit my ability to handle certain work environments. So instead, I turn to the internet to write poetry, perform poetry, do stuff like play games on youtube and I’m currently working on some other things! 
It’s because of those “other things” that I find myself here. Currently I’m attempting to take one of my most popular series on my blog (view the series here) and turn it into a book. The series is called “I Hope I Never Have a Daughter” and it consists of small written pieces are that essentially prose, each piece a comment on the society of which we currently live in. The concept of the book is to basically take the ideas from the first 50 pieces in the series and write a short story on each of them, sometimes inspired by my personal life and sometimes completely fictional. On top of this book idea, I also am enjoying creating content for youtube, both on my main channel and my poetry channel, and I’d love to be able to improve upon the content I bring you guys as well as include more of my viewers in the actual videos. I have some ideas as far as your inclusion goes… from answering your questions for me on my main channel to actually including some of your OWN written work on my poetry channel. The only problem is, all of this work takes money out of my own pocket! Money of which I don’t have…
Your support will help fund me on my time-consuming journey to write my first actual book as well as supply me with the funds to improve upon my multiple youtube channels. Those improvements may include buying new equipment for better quality videos, more variety in the types of content I make, and of course your involvement to help make my videos more interactive.  
For more information about me and who I am, take a look around my tumblr blog. On this blog I post my own original writings as well as frequently share the writings of others to my 14000+ followers.

Here is the link to where you can become a patron and help: 



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