Poem. Complaisant. Hannah Pickford.  

​Complaisant: inclined or disposed to please; obliging; agreeable or gracious; compliant
Would you be a dear and put the kettle on?

Yes, of course
Would you be a darling and take out the trash?

Yes, no problem
Would you be a sweetheart and wear this dress tonight?

Yes, okay
Would you be useful for once and make some bloody dinner?

Yes, straight away
Would you get off your lazy ass and clean up this house?

Yes, I’ll do it better this time
Would you stop your crying and go fix your eye?

Yes, I’m sorry
Would you like to leave, like anyone else would take you?

No, I know, I love you
Would you take be back, I’ve changed, I promise?

Yes, but only one more chance
Would you look at yourself, pathetic, you’ll always come crawling back

No, no, no, no , no
Would you like to press charges?

Yes, yes I would

More of this poets work can be found at their Tumblr blog.  


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