Book Review. The Last Day of Captain Lincoln. EXO books.

​A word of warning to those who read The Last Day of Captain Lincoln, this is not a book with a terrific amount of story to it. It instead explores a distant time in our future and the subject of death. Also to be understood this is just the beginning, which is why I hope a few pages were spent discussing peppers.

The metaphors in the introduction to this are glorious. I like especially ‘barren ashtray of cinder and dust’ I also sense humorous undertones, or that may only be me as I imagine the characters as the cast of Star Trek or Doctor Who, with the lines spoken in the same solemn fashion. 

There are a trail of clues in the opening pages, of the crew on the spaceship hope eternal having ‘beautiful features’ and Captain Lincoln himself with naked feet. They all give a film reel type flicker to the images taken whilst reading this.

Of course, there is a twist and reality is different to the crew and Captain Lincoln on the ship that is about to be blown to bits.

I like the pop culture references, mentions of John Wayne westerns and The Rolling Stones. It is fascinating to think what will remain of our society today for future generations to keep.

The relationship of Lincoln and Helen is a wonderfully captured one. To read about a happy and loving couple. They have survived the test of time, despite an age gap.

They climax at ‘their’ song Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. This made me chuckle at the appropriate choice.

Also of note that The last Day of Captain Lincoln has pictures, visual as well as textual, and it is great to see all mediums explored. The illustrations are done by Kimberly Hazen.

This is smart, as well as with its wit, and sister and brother Dorothy and Oz did not escape my notice.

The scene where Captain Lincoln attempts to explain death to a group of five year olds had me teary eyed. Death is hardly a subject many can comprehend for a long time.

My one complaint would be that this does become too factual when explaining this imagined future but for a theory it is compelling stuff.

I would like to know more of the rebels in this society, as on page ninety two it is written ‘twenty year olds happily volunteering for duty’ and I cannot picture many young adults doing anything happily, willingly for money maybe. 

With dry wit and sparks of brilliance, EXO books is a new publishers and, if The Last Day of Captain Lincoln is anything to gauge quality by, I look forward to what they publish next. 

A copy can be purchased from Amazon

Hardcover can be purchased when released on the 20th of August.

EXO books website



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