Book Review: Do It Yourself. Nikky Kaye. 

Do It Yourself is an erotic story about a recently divorced woman. I like the character and at the same time I don’t, which makes her human. 

Being happy to live off the money of her ex husband is not an admirable quality but then she does make a stab at DIY. 

I found the conversation between her and the handyman she hires to help with the DIY absolutely excruciating and the result of that initial conversation stimulating (again, think DIY)

I love the wit and one liners. 

The text message exchange after she has a few drinks is a great comic scene and something many readers could relate with. I know I did. 

I do think the remaining twenty pages or so rushed, particularly with the inevitable fall out and the two reuniting for a happy ending. 

DIY, the unrelenting theme throughout the story, is a four star read. 

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Poem. What is beauty? Katie Lewington.

What is beauty?
you say I am beautiful
which I doubt
snort, shuffle the salt and pepper shakers –
you tell me not to fiddle

is it healthy to scan face for imperfections until all perspective is lost?
to use every method and trick in the book to garner favourable reviews

I think the term is outdated
like the word abreast

indeed,  what is beauty

everything from the smallest of dots to the wobbly jelly type mould in my cup, atop the orange juice
can has its moments

beauty is eye catching,  absorbing,  rememberable,

K.L 2016  ©


Book Review: Western Diseases. Sara Adams. 

​I like in chapbook Western Diseases, by Sara Adams, we are given footnotes, which goes toward giving explanation to the origins of the poem. Inspired origins too: a survey posted on Craigslist, source material from newspapers and texts, Google searches and lectures. 

The titles of the poems are compelling too and Breast Nuggets is a fine poem to begin with.

In Psycho the phrases and quirkiness remind me in some ways of Ginsberg and his poetry.

The Redwig is one of my favourite poems.

Title poem Western Diseases has a striking footnote and makes for a delightfully fun poem. 

Overall this chapbook is a (too!) brief collection of found, experimental and oulipo constraint poems. 

Western Diseases demonstrates there are no limits to what you can do creatively and you can dip into its contents continually and not find the same meaning twice. 

Western Diseases is a chapbook published by Dancing Girl Press and written by Sara Adams, which is available here