Book Review: Do It Yourself. Nikky Kaye. 

Do It Yourself is an erotic story about a recently divorced woman. I like the character and at the same time I don’t, which makes her human. 

Being happy to live off the money of her ex husband is not an admirable quality but then she does make a stab at DIY. 

I found the conversation between her and the handyman she hires to help with the DIY absolutely excruciating and the result of that initial conversation stimulating (again, think DIY)

I love the wit and one liners. 

The text message exchange after she has a few drinks is a great comic scene and something many readers could relate with. I know I did. 

I do think the remaining twenty pages or so rushed, particularly with the inevitable fall out and the two reuniting for a happy ending. 

DIY, the unrelenting theme throughout the story, is a four star read. 

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