Ghost City Press. Poems. Katie Lewington. 

Ghost City Press are one of my favourite publishers,  they also have a Ghost City Press review and the Halloween edition has just been published on Even more exciting I have two of my own poems in it!  You can download this for free or pay what you want. 


Book Review. Supernatural Delights.Godiva Glenn. 


Werewolf Aaron insists Gabe comes to the party, hosted by psychic Layla, to get laid but Aaron has his own motivation for attending.

Gabe is in luck with Vella, dressed as a unicorn, invading his personal space.

Aaron has found Wonder Woman and, well, what they do to each other is certainly an exciting piece of writing.

Vampire Elissa is a Little Red Riding whore and has a run in with two big bad wolves. 
I read Supernatural Delights with the feeling that the characters were behind me, breathing down my neck. 

It’s a shame the author doesn’t plan to write more featuring them. 

Supernatural Delights is an erotic twist on familiar fairy tales and none of it is tame.

Godiva Glenn is clearly a skilled writer to watch out for. 

Supernatural Delights is a naughty read, where the fun never stops.

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Godiva Glenn started out by writing steamy romance novels, but soon discovered a penchant for creating delightful erotic encounters. She loves curling up with a martini and writing tantalizing smut for the world to enjoy.

Most of her writing is produced in the form of sizzling short stories, which tie into a single universe of men and women just looking for some fun… and the occasional happily ever after–the Naughty Night-Reading universe.


Book Review: Her Fiery Viking.  A.J. Tipton. 

​ Fiery Viking opens with the sentence ‘her fists pounded rhythmically against the top of his wide mahogany desk as he thrust into her hard from behind’.

For a first line it is up there with the best of them. 

The person thrusting is male, Mikkel. He is a character who seems like a real shit. He works at Firewall Demolitions. 

Joanna Baltz is a structural engineer and she doesn’t exactly seem to be an oasis of calm at the steering wheel. The sexism she encounters at her first day at her new job, working for Firewall Demolitions, made me want somebody to pass me the sick bag and it is here she meets Mikkel. 

They have something in common. They both attend anger management classes.

Her Fiery Viking wouldn’t be half as interesting if Mikkel didn’t narrate his story with references to his past and being a Viking. Which year is this story set? How old is Mikkel? Is he a fantasist? So many questions and so few answers.

There are two sticking points for me in Her Fiery Viking. One being Mikkel suddenly changing character and going from bicycle to one woman man and two, Joanna appearing in the bar, where Mikkel is, when only hours previous she had been freezing him out and is the reason for he losing his cool. 

Her Fiery Viking is a book to indulge in. 
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Book Review: Franny the Fearless Firefly.  Christina Murphey. 

Franny the Fearless Firefly is a book for children, written and illustrated by Christina Murphey.

My favourite part of this book are the full colour illustrations. I especially like the children. 

I like the story of Franny and her wont to needlessly put herself in harms way. This is an excellent book for teaching children a lesson that isn’t immediate and obtrusive. 

Franny the Fearless Firefly also concentrates on the letter F and that makes the book an additional educational supplement.
The bonus content lists the words in the text that begin with the letter F, as well as definitions, questions to open discussion on the story and firefly facts. 
I hope there will be more books in a similar vein forthcoming from Christina Murphey, Franny the Fearless Firefly is a promising start. 

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