Book Review: Duck’s Misery. J.M.Denholme. 

​Vince is back in town to celebrate his twenty first birthday with pals Tim and Kirk.

He doesn’t remember Suzi  (and nor do Tim and Kirk)

But she and Vince go for a drive and talk.

Duck’s Misery does have a choppy start. The description of Suzi became conflicting, as if the writer couldn’t decide which words fit her best. 

Duck’s Misery is a location and Suzi takes Vince back there. This visit triggers memories of his first sexual encounter with his best friend at the time, Ella.

Ella is a much more likable character than Suzi, and favours wearing men’s briefs. ‘She’d declared they made her feel like she was getting a nice, warm cuddle’.

Ella and Vince have great chemistry, are obviously close and I love the story of their relationship as it progresses from friendship to love. 

The ideas of love in Duck’s Misery portrayed as they are give off some discussion and debate.

That Vince, our narrator, is a writer gives this story a more romanticised air to it. 

I’m not sure why Vince did what he did to Ella. I suppose he fell prey to his insecurities. 

Does young love ever last?

I do feel sorry for Suzi, a secondary character, treated poorly. 

Duck’s Misery is a beautiful story of a relationship, covering even the ugly parts, and I wish there could have been a happier ending. 

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