Book Review: A Perfect Plan(Wiltshire Chronicles #1) Alyssa Drake. 

A Perfect Plan is a historical romance – suspense, which begins in a gruesome way in the year 1842. The prologue boasts of one murder, a writing desk and bribery.

Chapter One picks up the story in the year 1853, as I hoped this would not become too confusing to follow but thankfully the story continued in 1853.

The language of A Perfect Plan is in keeping with its era and the first chapter had a lighter tone, with a scene of three siblings getting one another into trouble.

I like the character Sam (Samantha), her story, background and connection with various other characters. This was the century of ballroom courtship and there are many characters dancing on the floor.

Until we were introduced to them all I read A Perfect Plan tentatively, hoping they would not be featured heavily in forthcoming chapters. 

I like the setting of the book and its look into society in that time period, with widowers, young men, ghosts and mothers playing matchmaker at every opportunity. There are characters with personalities that you can recognize in people today and learn that times then and now are not much different.

While the romance was limp, I did like the mystery of what happened to Rebecca and Matthew, the parents of Sam and Edward. 

A good read. 

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