Book Review. Sydney (Book 1) (Entangle me 1) Maggie Way.

​Wedding Planner Lacey Ryan is finally getting married to her fiancé, Adam, after six years together. 

The first few lines of this book are superb. They are exactly the right amount of detail and suspense a reader needs to want to continue reading. 

Of course with this being a wedding there are many characters: the proud father, the brother nearing thirty who hasn’t yet grown up, the gay best friend and the mother who I immediately took a dislike to. She has taught her daughter that crying is ugly and men must be given space, as this keeps them happy.

Sydney (Book 1) (Entangle me 1) begins on the eve of the wedding when Lacey finds disturbing evidence that all may be as it seems with her future husband. 

The dialogue is good. Particularly in the conversation with Lacey and the best friend of her brother when they were in school together. The dynamic between the two is obviously a combination of comfortable and teasing one another. 

I laughed aloud at some points and the see saw of the relationship between Lacey and Adam was interesting. It prompts you to think what would you do in that situation. It also shows you how ugly people can become in a short space of time. 

In one chapter I had my heart in my mouth as I thought Lacey may be taken advantage of. The tension was written amazingly well. 

The story of Lacey is similar to many others in its genre. I would say details are added into the text where they don’t need to be, such as the likes and dislikes of a character. They could instead be written in. 

The phrase ‘Shit happens. You just have to flush and spray some perfume on it’ is a new one for me and something I shall remember!

I will, as well, remember this quote ‘don’t be the person who hurts people to make themselves feel better about their own failures’

An amiable book, I happily read Sydney (Book 1) (Entangle me 1) in a few hours and I look forward to book two. 

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