Book Review: Her Fiery Viking.  A.J. Tipton. 

​ Fiery Viking opens with the sentence ‘her fists pounded rhythmically against the top of his wide mahogany desk as he thrust into her hard from behind’.

For a first line it is up there with the best of them. 

The person thrusting is male, Mikkel. He is a character who seems like a real shit. He works at Firewall Demolitions. 

Joanna Baltz is a structural engineer and she doesn’t exactly seem to be an oasis of calm at the steering wheel. The sexism she encounters at her first day at her new job, working for Firewall Demolitions, made me want somebody to pass me the sick bag and it is here she meets Mikkel. 

They have something in common. They both attend anger management classes.

Her Fiery Viking wouldn’t be half as interesting if Mikkel didn’t narrate his story with references to his past and being a Viking. Which year is this story set? How old is Mikkel? Is he a fantasist? So many questions and so few answers.

There are two sticking points for me in Her Fiery Viking. One being Mikkel suddenly changing character and going from bicycle to one woman man and two, Joanna appearing in the bar, where Mikkel is, when only hours previous she had been freezing him out and is the reason for he losing his cool. 

Her Fiery Viking is a book to indulge in. 
Buy it here 


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