Book Review. Supernatural Delights.Godiva Glenn. 


Werewolf Aaron insists Gabe comes to the party, hosted by psychic Layla, to get laid but Aaron has his own motivation for attending.

Gabe is in luck with Vella, dressed as a unicorn, invading his personal space.

Aaron has found Wonder Woman and, well, what they do to each other is certainly an exciting piece of writing.

Vampire Elissa is a Little Red Riding whore and has a run in with two big bad wolves. 
I read Supernatural Delights with the feeling that the characters were behind me, breathing down my neck. 

It’s a shame the author doesn’t plan to write more featuring them. 

Supernatural Delights is an erotic twist on familiar fairy tales and none of it is tame.

Godiva Glenn is clearly a skilled writer to watch out for. 

Supernatural Delights is a naughty read, where the fun never stops.

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Godiva Glenn started out by writing steamy romance novels, but soon discovered a penchant for creating delightful erotic encounters. She loves curling up with a martini and writing tantalizing smut for the world to enjoy.

Most of her writing is produced in the form of sizzling short stories, which tie into a single universe of men and women just looking for some fun… and the occasional happily ever after–the Naughty Night-Reading universe.



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