Author Interview. Sheldon Sinnamon. 

1) You are a poet, having self-published Oceans of Ink earlier this year and Trapped in Words is forthcoming in December, why this year have you decided to release these books? What was the motivation? 

A lot had to do with wanting to get my stuff out there and connecting with people. To show both friends and “haters” I am serious about writing. Most material I have published in these two books I have had since 2012. I just wanted it to be perfect before release. 

My motivation originally was to do a trilogy documenting my battle with mental health. ‘Oceans Of Ink’ was going to be about me just before hitting rock bottom. ‘Trapped In Words’ was being trapped in depression and then ‘Its About Tie’ was to be the aftermath and finding a new lease of life. 

Now it’s all changed. ‘Its About Tie’ is now the last chapter in ‘Trapped In Words’ to leave the reader with hope at the end. 
2) You are a spoken word poet. Something many people find is that they don’t like hearing the sound of their own voice. Do you ever have this problem and how did you overcome this?

When I first started, it was so cringe worthy. I detested my voice. Now, I’ve just gotten used to it. I am still terrible with deleting brand new recordings just because of the vocals being atrocious. Overcoming is just learning to be happy with all you can do.   
3) A poet myself I use the internet to publish my work. I have found that many poetry websites, web forums and magazines are dominated by Americans. I think there is  more of a festival scene in the UK. Do you find this to be true and what are your experiences with how you share your work?
For me, it’s a love hate relationship with the Internet because it’s such a huge sea of people trying to get noticed. It’s amazing because you can all get out there yet to be recognized is an extremely difficult task…but with the right people supporting you, that can all change. 

Americans seem to be more accepting with the spoken word world. Festivals are more UK’s characteristics. If I were to ever make a mark, a USA tour would be a dream.  

4) Your books have many poems about depression and anxiety. I also have depression and anxiety and find writing can be cathartic. Is poetry cathartic for you and do you hope to also inspire people through your poetry to seek out help and support?

Yes. I find expressing yourself through art can be spiritually rewarding in multiple ways. I would love to inspire others to get help or express themselves that doesn’t include harming them or others. 
5) Where did the ‘King of Clowns’ name come from? 

The whole King Of Clowns thing is truly a long story so I’ll just say one aspect of it. I came up with the title while I had an extremely low self-esteem. As if I were saying I am the worst of the worst, highest of the mess-ups. Then I remembered a John Hughes film ‘Sixteen Candles’ where Farmer Ted says “King of the dipshits” and it progressed from there.  
6) What, or who, is the biggest influence on your writing?

Music helps me as I write. I used to have a person as a muse but like most people, they don’t stick around. I am now in search for a muse that wont leave. Nature isn’t much of one for me if I am honest; maybe I have been going to the wrong places. 
7) Do you read? If so, who are your favourite writers?

I really love the beat generation. Everything about that just spins me into amazement. I also really appreciate the likes of Jim Carroll and Charles Bukowski. All of which are honest talking poets and straight to the point, no hiding or misguiding. Then there is Dylan Thomas and his man-child ways. 
8) Other than writing, what are you passionate about?

Music. I can’t go a day without listening to some of my favourite bands. Mostly Metal. But I am extremely diverse in genres. I also love Classical, Rap, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Dub Step and Drum And Bass. 
9) What are your future ambitions for your writing? 

I have already started on another two books. One of which is full of Haikus and the other one is the final part of the trilogy I mentioned earlier. Both books have titles and I am looking at releasing at least one of them in 2017, if ‘Trapped In Words’ gets a good reaction. 

Sheldon is an honest emotional storytelling poet from the UK. Since 2012 he has been in spoken word videos, a short film, songs, anthologies and his own collection of poetry titled ‘Oceans Of Ink’. More material has been collected for his second book titled ‘Trapped In Words’ which will be released December 1st 2016



Book Review. Oceans Of Ink. Sheldon Sinnamon. 

I like that this is a well presented collection of poetry

Part One has alcohol sodden poems

Part Two has poems you could accurately describe, as in poem Doomed From Day One, thinking outside of the box

Part Three are poems of a more personal nature

Part Four are poems of love

and Part Five contain poems of work, London, title poem Oceans of Ink and remembrances. 
I admire on the first page ; 

as well as

that Oceans of Ink has illustrations

I like the poems that don’t so much tell you  but navigate through the observations of author Sheldon Sinnamon 

that leave you to your own conclusion.  

I enjoy the poems Not all Bunnies are Happy and the idea 

There must be a depressed one

all alone in his hut

lets try to cheer

the bastard up

Train Line, set ‘Somewhere between Clapham and Surbition’

(it really is an experience to be riding a train at eight past Midnight)

and Vicious Circle –

Girls, drugs, abuse and sexual favours. All are a vicious cycle. 

I appreciate the quote on the final page 

It takes 

years to build

seconds to break 

there is only one thing in common.


Oceans of Ink is a poetry collection I found impossible to not fall in love with. It is both hard hitting and humorous. 

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King of Clowns Poetry




Poem. Oh No. Dane Cobain. 

​Oh no

I feel like a wad of gum

that’s stuck to the bottom

of a table.
You know,

a little bit like

I was chewed up

and spat back out

and now no-one remembers

I was ever here

In the first place,

like Michael Dukakis 

in the 1988

United States

Presidential Election,

or the seventeenth time

we saw electrons

beneath a microscope.
Oh yes,

I used to taste

like peppermint;

I still do

if you’d care

to taste me.
Memory is a fickle thing,

and time will bring an end

to the people you see

in the street,

like Leonard Cohen

singing Hallelujah,

or Big Sam Allardyce

no longer tying shoelaces

and playing for Bolton.
This is your health,

my friend,

shouting, “Cheers,

salut, nostrovia!”

with a bottle of wine

in your hand.
Oh no,

I need another


1 Year Anniversary. 

I have been blogging here for one year today. In the absence of a book review because I am feeling ill,  this achievement is going to have to do for today. Thank you for all of the likes and the follows, as well as comments.  I didn’t feel at first that this blog was going to be so very important to me but I actually am preferring it to other social media sites. I suppose some things really do take time. Thank you. Have a good night and hope to read / hear from you soon. 

Book Review. Sexual Confessional – Confidential Admissions from Social Media. Nicole Delacroix. 

​Sexual Confessional – Confidential Admissions from Social Media is a great book to flick through, of questions asked by author Nicole Delacroix and answered by the public through social media. 

I felt at first Nicole Delacroix flippant and some of the questions were not of as much interest as others. 

This book clearly shows there is no divide, when it comes to our sexual needs and fantasies,  between gender.

I thought this was all too on the vanilla side as well for me. 

The bonus chapter Describe Your Worst Sexual Encounter largely, although not always, recounted awkward first time sex. 

I think it was only when Nicole Delacroix told her own story and included her own original answers that I got to know her and understood where she was coming from. 

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Book Review. When you Can’t Scream. . . Or Ten Reasons Why I Smoke. Doren Damico. 

​I love the idea of this poetry collection When you Can’t Scream …or Ten Reasons Why I Smoke by writer Doren Damico. She recollects moments of her life and the cigarettes she smoked before, during and after them. It doesn’t lack self-awareness.

I like that this includes photographs of women, mostly with cigarettes between their fingers.

I also like that Doren Damico does not set out to glamorise smoking and uses this book to warn of the dangers of this addiction. 

I do not smoke but I know somebody who does and When you Can’t Scream… or Ten Reasons Why I Smoke made me want to be less tolerant and cut their cigarettes into pieces.

This does not only contain poetry, it is an autobiography of the writers life and her remembrances of cigarettes past smoked, through traumatic events in her life. 

When You Can’t Scream… or Ten Reasons Why I Smoke is certainly an original book and one worthy for your bookshelf. 

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Doren is an artist, musician, educator and freelance writer based in Los Angeles, California. Her proudest accomplishment in life has been raising Vincent, who is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Urban Planning at Columbia University, New York. 

A life-long lover of music, Doren was born again when she discovered jazz and went on to earn her BA in Music with a jazz emphasis from Sonoma State University in 1995. In addition, she holds both general and education specialist credentials from California State University Northridge, and has worked for over 26 years as an educator and consultant. 

Doren’s passion for words was expressed at an early age through avid reading, and writing poetry and lyrics. She knew she was a science fiction fan when her childhood Star Trek play group wouldn’t let her be Spock because she was a girl. Doren vowed then and there, to go where no man has gone before….So…she is writing a metaphysical science fiction series with a female protagonist. Her blog, Many Windows, One Doren, includes Doren’s unique perspective on topics such as education, music, poetry and science fiction. 

When she isn’t immersed in one of her many creative projects, Doren enjoys reading, walking, gardening, dancing, and watching cinematic art. 


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