Book Review. Life, Sex and Death -A Poetry Collection.  Davis Ellis. 

Erotica not your cup of tea?  

Then what about this poetry collection by David Ellis 

Available at and 

Life, Sex and Death – A Poetry Collection 

by David Ellis is a real treat. David Ellis has a sense of humour, which engages you from first poem Abstract Acrostalyptica to final poem We’re not Chasing Rainbows anymore.

There are numerous subjects written about in this volume – a Buffalo Nickel, lies, memories and rolling stones. Full to the Gills and Social Accountability are two poems that I bookmarked, which write of social media “Information is attacking me” and “Good riddance to communication overload

Alright, maybe just ten more posts 

While I eat toast”

David Ellis describes love as ‘The wildest, most unpredictable thief on the planet, 

It either nourishes your soul or tears you clean in two”

I feel that this section of the book, Love/Romance, the least distinctive of the three and occasionally fanciful. 

Other sections are Inspirational and Philosophical.

Life, Sex and Death is a polished collection of poetry, with a striking cover. By the end I felt like I knew the writer personally. 

You are bound to find something to take to heart in this collection. 

Readers Favourite Bronze Medallist David Ellis lives in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. David is extremely fond of cats and dogs but not snakes. Indiana Jones is his spirit animal. 
Connect with David Ellis 


Twitter @TooFullToWrite


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