Book Review. When you Can’t Scream. . . Or Ten Reasons Why I Smoke. Doren Damico. 

​I love the idea of this poetry collection When you Can’t Scream …or Ten Reasons Why I Smoke by writer Doren Damico. She recollects moments of her life and the cigarettes she smoked before, during and after them. It doesn’t lack self-awareness.

I like that this includes photographs of women, mostly with cigarettes between their fingers.

I also like that Doren Damico does not set out to glamorise smoking and uses this book to warn of the dangers of this addiction. 

I do not smoke but I know somebody who does and When you Can’t Scream… or Ten Reasons Why I Smoke made me want to be less tolerant and cut their cigarettes into pieces.

This does not only contain poetry, it is an autobiography of the writers life and her remembrances of cigarettes past smoked, through traumatic events in her life. 

When You Can’t Scream… or Ten Reasons Why I Smoke is certainly an original book and one worthy for your bookshelf. 

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Doren is an artist, musician, educator and freelance writer based in Los Angeles, California. Her proudest accomplishment in life has been raising Vincent, who is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Urban Planning at Columbia University, New York. 

A life-long lover of music, Doren was born again when she discovered jazz and went on to earn her BA in Music with a jazz emphasis from Sonoma State University in 1995. In addition, she holds both general and education specialist credentials from California State University Northridge, and has worked for over 26 years as an educator and consultant. 

Doren’s passion for words was expressed at an early age through avid reading, and writing poetry and lyrics. She knew she was a science fiction fan when her childhood Star Trek play group wouldn’t let her be Spock because she was a girl. Doren vowed then and there, to go where no man has gone before….So…she is writing a metaphysical science fiction series with a female protagonist. Her blog, Many Windows, One Doren, includes Doren’s unique perspective on topics such as education, music, poetry and science fiction. 

When she isn’t immersed in one of her many creative projects, Doren enjoys reading, walking, gardening, dancing, and watching cinematic art. 


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 Twitter  @dreamingdoren 


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