Book Review. Oceans Of Ink. Sheldon Sinnamon. 

I like that this is a well presented collection of poetry

Part One has alcohol sodden poems

Part Two has poems you could accurately describe, as in poem Doomed From Day One, thinking outside of the box

Part Three are poems of a more personal nature

Part Four are poems of love

and Part Five contain poems of work, London, title poem Oceans of Ink and remembrances. 
I admire on the first page ; 

as well as

that Oceans of Ink has illustrations

I like the poems that don’t so much tell you  but navigate through the observations of author Sheldon Sinnamon 

that leave you to your own conclusion.  

I enjoy the poems Not all Bunnies are Happy and the idea 

There must be a depressed one

all alone in his hut

lets try to cheer

the bastard up

Train Line, set ‘Somewhere between Clapham and Surbition’

(it really is an experience to be riding a train at eight past Midnight)

and Vicious Circle –

Girls, drugs, abuse and sexual favours. All are a vicious cycle. 

I appreciate the quote on the final page 

It takes 

years to build

seconds to break 

there is only one thing in common.


Oceans of Ink is a poetry collection I found impossible to not fall in love with. It is both hard hitting and humorous. 

Buy Oceans Of Ink from or


King of Clowns Poetry





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