Book Review. Clara at Christmas. Lacey London. 

The Clara series has been likened to ‘Bridget Jones meets Shopaholic’ and I think that pretty much sums it up. Over the course of nine books, we follow Clara through the minefields of dating, wedding day nerves, motherhood, Barbados, America and beyond.

My Review: 

Count Down the Days to Christmas with Clara

in Clara at Christmas 

(Fun fact, if you Google Clara results will show little else but Clara Oswald, the character from Science Fiction TV show Doctor Who)
Clara at Christmas is a book with all of the trimmings –

Relatives, Christmas shopping, parties and turkey. 

Whilst most chick-lit novels hinge on the plot of a cheating husband, Clara and her marriage is rosy and Clara at Christmas made me want to walk down the aisle immediately! ( Although … the in-laws :\) 

I love the quotes inbetween the chapters. They made me chuckle. 

Clara at Christmas is an easy read. I read my copy in a few hours. Although I could predict the ending, that didn’t dim the  joy I felt for Clara and her husband when all was revealed. 

Author Lacey London has an appealing, and seemingly effortless, writing style and the good news is there are more adventures from Clara to come in:  

Meet Clara Andrews 

Clara Meets the Parents 

Meet Clara Morgan 

Clara at Christmas 

Meet baby Morgan 

Clara in the Caribbean 

Clara in America 

Clara in The Middle 

Clara’s Last Christmas

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I am Lacey London, the author of the best-selling Clara series. I live in Alderley Edge with my husband and our Yorkshire Terrier. When I am not glued to my laptop, you can find me shopping, sleeping, but never running. I love words and hate numbers, except the ones in my bank account.
You can follow Lacey @thelaceylondon


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